05 Sep 2019
Secondary School Try-outs

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Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to welcome all of you at the start of the 2019-2020 Academic Year and take this opportunity to give you some information about the sports seasons and the upcoming Secondary School sports try-outs and sports programmes.

Block 1: September 2019 to December 2019: Football; Swimming; Basketball U16-19 B&G; Cricket; Cross Country

Block 2: January to March 2020: Volleyball; Athletics; Cricket; Netball; Tennis;

Block 3: March to May 2020: Rounders, Tape ball Cricket; Volleyball

Block 4: May to June 2020: Basketball U12& U14; Table Tennis; Badminton;

Secondary School Block 1 Try-outs:

Football - U12-19 B&G

8th Sep: U14 Boys (2:45pm-3:45 pm) – half field
8th Sep: U14 Girls (2:45pm-3:45 pm) – half field
8th Sep: U19 Boys (3:45pm-5:15pm) – whole field
9th Sep: U12 Boys (6:30am-7:30am) – whole field

9th Sep: U12 Girls (2:45pm-3:45 pm) – whole field

9th Sep: U19 Girls (3:45pm-5:15pm) – whole field

10th Sep: U16 Boys (3:45pm-5:15pm) – half field

11th Sep: U16 Boys (3:45pm-5:15pm) – half field

11th Sep: U16 Girl (3:45pm-5:15pm) – half field

12th Sep: U12 Boys (6:30am-7:30am) – half field

12th Sep: U14 Boys (6:30am-7:30am) – half field

12th Sep: U14 Girls (2:45pm-3:45pm) – half field

12th Sep: U16 Girl (2:45pm-3:45pm) – half field

12th Sep: 19 Boys (3:45pm-5:15pm) – whole field

Where: Football field
Swimming - U12-19 B&G

9th Sep 2019: U12 Boys and Girls (2:45pm-3:45 pm)

10th Sep 2019: U14 Boys and Girls (2:45pm-3:45 pm)

11th Sep 2019: U16 and U18 Boys and Girls (2:45pm-3:45 pm)
Where: SS Swimming pool

Basketball - U16-19 B&G
8th Sep: U16 Boys (2:45pm-3:45 pm)

8th Sep: U19 Boys (3:45pm-4:45pm)

9th Sep: U16 Girls (2:45pm-3:45pm)

10th Sep: U19 Girls (6:30am-7:30am)

10th Sep: U16 Boys (2:45pm-3:45pm)

10th Sep: U19 Boys (3:45pm-4:45pm)

11th Sep: U19 Girls (6:30am-7:30am)

11h Sep: U16 Girls (2:45pm-3:45pm)

12th Sep: U19 Girls (6:30am-7:30am)

12th Sep: U16 Boys (2:45pm-3:45pm)

12th Sep: U19 Boys (3:45pm-4:45pm)

Where: PE Hall

Cricket - U14-19 B

15th Sep 2019: U14 Boys (2:45pm-3:45 pm)

16th Sep 2019: U16 Boys (2:45pm-3:45 pm)

18th Sep 2019: U19 Boys (2:45pm-3:45 pm)

Where: Cricket nets

(* U – under; U12 - under 12 years of age as of September 1st that school year etc.)

Training commences in the week of 15th September 2019

Sports information, results and schedules of games:

Detailed lists of secondary school events and fixtures will be displayed on our school web page www.diadubaisport.com, this is the main portal to stay up to date with the upcoming games, events and tournaments.

Please follow us on our social media profiles to be up to date with the latest news and results:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: diadubaisport

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At Dubai International Academy we have talented young athletes who participate in a wide array of sports teams and events. Our goal is to help develop student talent and give every individual the opportunity for success.

Also, I would like to invite everyone to support our athletes throughout this sports season. We will be delighted to see you out there cheering on our teams.

I am looking forward to another successful sporting year ahead.


Yours in Sport,

Mihail G. Kouzev

Director of Sport, CCAs & Health and Wellbeing


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